We specializein getting attention, driving results and making you more money.

At Team G our priority is taking your business to the next level through a strong social media presence. We focus on creating a clean, elegant platform to engage with your target audience whether it be local or worldwide. Check out our multiple packages that are sure to fit your budget!


Influencers to the core. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.

Numbers to back it up

Our branding and aesthetics is what separates us from our competition. A lot of digital agencies claim they know design but don't actually have any background in it. Our team comes from the most prestigious art & design schools in the world. The digital part just comes natural to us millennials.









Team Leadership

When Team G was created Gunner Tierno and Yuliya Sumina had the vision of creating a platform to help local Long Island and New York City businesses succeed to their full potential. After working with multiple clients and seeing huge success they’ve taken the jump to reach tri-state area.

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Our Clients

Team G succeeds highly in creating beautiful content. We work with graphics, video, and website creation! From developing top notch edits to creative write ups, we promise your customers will love your new online presence!

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Sky's the limit

We work closely with our clients to elevate their brand beyond their competitors. By creating a buzz around the business we build brand awareness to attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships. We work with those who want to be number one in their category. Let's talk & find a fit.

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